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Take Control Of Your Diet

Discover new possibilities with AI-powered nutrition.

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You won't believe what fits your diet

Advanced algorithms have sifted through millions of recipes to find your best options. Classic dishes are reimagined with a nutrition-first approach, taking your diet far beyond salads. Have your cake and eat it too!

“ I can't believe I can eat chicken pot pie and lose weight!”

Fried Chicken

Everyone's Different. This Diet Adapts.

Better Macros adapts, long term and short term:

  1. Your plan evolves with your progress. Never plateau.
  2. Nutrition Power Tools empower you to tackle life's challenges. Flexibly adapt your meal plan, dine out, and indulge cravings confidently.

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One Step at a Time, As Far As You Want to Go.

Better Macros figures out where you're at, and how to take the next step. Better Macros embrace a personalized approach to transform your nutrition journey. This will help you achiev short term goals like getting shape for summer and long term goals like finding a healthy lifestyle you can enjoy. Reach your goal with Better Macros by your side.

Goal Physique

Foods you like, customized for you.

Our cutting edge software will customize recipes you love to fit your plan. Learn healthy habits during your program. No rules to limit you.

Minimal Tracking

Let us do the tracking. Spend less time counting calories and more time enjoying your food.

Meal Prep

We'll put together meal plans that learn what you like. Never repeat the same dish, unless you want to.

Eat Out

We'll keep you on track when you don't have time to cook. How about some Chik-fil-a?

Craving Killer

Cravings will happen. We'll help you satisfy them without losing your progress.